Economic examination of accounting and tax accounting

Economic examination of accounting and tax accounting

Recently, more and more business entities as legal entities and private entrepreneurs to become members of the administrative or judicial proceedings on several occasions - from administrative disputes with the regulatory authorities to the criminal cases of theft or damage to property.

The possibilities are wide enough accounting expertise. As part of its conduction can be detected facts (attributes) distortion credentials specific to accounting methods, provides diagnostics detected distortions, to determine the degree of their impact on economic activity indicators.

Economic expertise includes:

  • study the documents of accounting, tax accounting and reporting;
  • study documents the economic activities of enterprises and organizations;
  • study the documents of financial and credit operations.

The range of issues that can solve a forensic examination of the economic, unlimited and depends on the specific facts of violations. You can refer to economic experts to study and analyze the issues, not only in the judicial or administrative matters, but also in d

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