Development of discount (credit notes) policy

Development of discount (credit notes) policy

Audit company “Aksonova & Associates” offers services in development of marketing policy in part of the Regulation on discount (credit notes) policy.The goal of each organization doing business is the maximum increase in sales of goods (works, services), business profitability by attracting potential customers and building effective cooperation with existing customers.

In marketing policy business entities pay considerable attention to issues of providing various discounts. Competently developed discount system allows not only to attract new customers and to establish effective cooperation with existing regular consumers, but to prevent tax risks associated with the application of non-transparent pricing system in the enterprise in part regarding justification of regular price corresponding to the market price level.

A large number of discounting methods is applied in world practice today. It is important to develop clear criteria for discounting and setting its size, as well as to prevent possible tax risks.

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