Recruiting of Financial Specialists

Recruiting of Financial Specialists

We have developed and implemented our own system of financial specialists recruiting. This system provides professional and time efficient recruitment of qualified applicants based on individual requirements and specific features of Customer’s company activity.

Our advantages of the financial staff recruitment:

  • Self-developed and constantly updating database of field-specific applicants allows meeting the demands of the Customer in terms of filling up current vacancies in a timely manner.
  • Proprietary technology for testing applicants’ professional knowledge and skills that provides the maximum relevance of proposed applicant to the Customer request.
  • Successful experience in searching and recruiting chief accountants, financial directors and other accounting department employees. Every year we provides services relating to the search of accounting staff for more than 50 companies.
  • Personnel search, recruitment and evaluation are carried out using several different methodologies simultaneously.
  • Development of the tests and selection of methodologies for searching and testing the personnel for each separate vacancy ensures individual approach for the Customer.

Our recruiters use the best practices, knowledge and experience to search and recruit applicants in accordance with the Customer requirements. We assist you to find qualified personnel with high level of professional skills, knowledge and personal qualities in a timely manner.

Applicants’ selection is conducted in several stages:

  1. Drafting the Professiogram – a profile of an ideal employee
  2. Search for relevant applicants
  3. Telephone interviewing
  4. Oral interview
  5. Written testing in order to establish the relevance of professional skills and knowledge (hard-skills)
  6. Testing the applicants in order to establish the relevance to an ideal employee profile (soft skills)
  7. Defining the most suitable applicants
  8. Interview with the Customer

The outsourcing of financial staff recruitment procedures allows considerable saving time of the Customer. It ensures the recruitment of high-qualified specialists only, as well as mitigates possible risks related to the employment of the employees, who do not meet Customer’s requirements and expectations.


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