Retail is one of the most common types of business. In the world there are a huge number of trade organizations - ranging from retail outlets with a single vendor to huge supermarkets, wholesalers by selling large quantities of goods to retailers. One of the quality indicators of their activity is dynamic, which provides operation flexibility, compliance with the market situation at any given moment.

Audit is mandatory criterion for the effective performance of each retailers. Conducting the audit has its own characteristics, which are caused by the specifics of the activities and the presence of a large number of transactions.

The audit firm "Aksenov and partners" has a huge experience in auditing and consulting commercial enterprises. Our experts will help you to effectively and efficiently organize workflow, reduce the risks associated with the operations of the movement of inventory (delivery, storage and sales), to improve the internal control system and so on.

Conducting an independent audit has other advantages. So, auditing is necessary to attract investment, lending, insurance and other operations.

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