Large selection of server configurations for rent at the most favorable conditions in the best data centers in Europe. Dedicated server – a solid foundation for serious projects.

A dedicated server in Europe will provide your resource with quality and stability and maximum protection against DDOS attacks. Your choice: server rental in Germany, server in the Netherlands,

What tasks solves a dedicated server in Europe.

Placing 1C Enterprise on a server in Europe provides reliable protection of confidential information from being withdrawn in Ukraine and will not affect the operation of the server and the site as a whole.

In addition, in connection with the introduction of sanctions on May 16 by the President of Ukraine regarding 1C. In fact, this means that 1C products cannot be legally purchased, upgraded, or invited to set up and maintain, or to use the program without the risk of receiving “sanctions for violating sanctions”. Renting a dedicated server in Europe will save you from such a risk and will enable your website and organization to operate smoothly and without problems.

Duplicating equipment abroad. Take backups abroad. Backups located abroad will create a reliable infrastructure for a sustainable business in case of loss of critical information.

A backup server in Europe will allow you to save all data during technical failures, unpredictable outages and will take over the entire load for the recovery period of the main system.

The advantages of hosting a server in Europe for your business:

  • The ability to create a resource of any subject on a leased server in Europe and not be afraid that it will be blocked. After all, all your data will be out of the reach of Ukrainian legislation, and the European legislative framework absolutely does not pay attention to what subject content is placed on the resource.
  • Increasing the visibility of a resource in search engines in the future, if it is designed for European users.
  • Confidentiality - a high level of protection of personal data, a guarantee of compliance with legislation on the protection of personal data. For registration requested minimum requirements for personal data.

Servers in Europe:

  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • In America: USA, Canada
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