Modern market realities are quite dynamic, any changes can significantly affect the profitability of the entire enterprise. Every manager deals with two global tasks every day – how to maximize the company’s profits, while reducing costs to a minimum. Effective enterprise management in the current realities requires the mandatory presence of an optimally implemented IT infrastructure. Vamark is ready to take responsibility not only for the state of the current IT infrastructure of your company, but also to help in its further development and modernization. We offer our clients a qualified Subscriber service of office equipment in Kiev, 24/7 support and advise on IT tasks.

By entering into an agreement with us for a comprehensive subscription service for office equipment in Kiev, you will receive a complete package of services provided by a team of highly qualified specialists in information technology. We will quickly and efficiently solve any problems arising during the operation of peripheral devices and personal computers (PCs).

Maintenance of office equipment in the framework of the agreement concluded by our specialists includes:

  • Regular diagnostics and prophylaxis of the local network and enterprise hardware;
  • Maintenance of office computing equipment and networks, maintaining their efficiency;
  • Ensuring complete information security;
  • Ensuring complete information security;
  • Ensuring complete information security;
  • Setting up and maintaining servers, setting up networks and network equipment, setting up peripheral devices;
  • Organize backup files and data;
  • Organization of Internet access;
  • Identify and troubleshoot computer hardware.

Subscriber maintenance of office equipment and IT infrastructure by Vamark specialists in Kiev has a lot of advantages, compared to keeping your own IT specialist in staff, and it will cost you much less – an increase in the number of PC users in an office will not entail an increase in staff, involved in the maintenance of IT technologies. Qualified specialists of Vamark, armed with advanced knowledge in the field of IT technology is always at your service!

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