In the language of an auditor, accounting policy includes all specific principles and procedures implemented by the company’s management team and used for preparation of financial statements.

We offer exclusive solutions able to help improve the efficiency of business processes and business in general, and will be guaranteed to protect against possible financial losses.

Benefits of accounting policy implementing:

  • creation of social guarantees for the protection of external users by ensuring the unity of interpretation of accounting and tax accounting data and indicators of financial and tax reporting;
  • obtaining an effect from the use of rational accounting policies, that is, optimal provision of management needs with information, reduction of workflow volumes, increase of efficiency of internal control system at the enterprise;
  • use of the given freedom of action on the issues of accounting organization to create an effective accounting system at the enterprise, which will ensure compliance with the interests of the owner;
  • with the help of elements of accounting policy, and on condition of specification of the requirements to the nature of the necessary data, the most complete and effective provision of information at all levels of management at the enterprise is achieved.;
  • sustainability of accounting policies and disclosure in financial statements allows using it to build forecasts for the future financial state of the enterprise;
  • use of accounting policy documents to eliminate uncertainties in accounting documents and tax records and as written evidence in resolving business disputes, conflicts with tax authorities.
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