This type of audit procedures allows detecting main problems of tax accounting and reporting, assess the degree of predicted financial and tax risks and carefully prepare for tax audit by supervisory bodies.

Express diagnostics includes the following procedures:

  • Studying the business specific of the company;
  • Interviews with the company director, chief accountant, tax manager, accountants responsible for the parts of accounting;
  • Analysis of the compliance of tax reporting with the accounting information and and tax accounting registers;
  • Evaluation of company’s accounting policy;
  • Analysis of tax accounting;
  • Analysis of tax accounting methodology;
  • Specific procedures of certain parts of the accounting and tax accounting;
  • Check of source documents (optional) in the context of detected risky activities according to the professional judgment of the auditor;
  • Identification and analysis of tax risks “through the tax inspector’s eyes ”, problem issues and provision of advice on measures to eliminate them.

Espress diagnostics is a reduced form of tax audit. Auditors focus on potential tax risks in a way that would have been done by the tax authorities during control.

To conduct express diagnostics, auditors use the practice of accompanying tax audits of customers and author’s methods, which allows identifying, as accurately as possible, the tax risks that are likely to be the subject of discussion during tax audits by supervisory authorities.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • accompanying of the tax audit on methods of the Audit Company
  • provision of audit screen (discussion table)
  • clear terms of service as part of the contract
  • presentation of audit documents at a roundtable format
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