Tax audit is a detailed examination of the state of accounting and tax accounting of the customer-enterprise in order to determine the correctness of the accounting in business operations, completeness of assessments and timeliness of payment of taxes and fees.

Compulsory procedures:

  • Studying the business specific of the company;
  • Interviews with the company director, chief accountant, tax manager, accountants responsible for the parts of accounting;
  • Analysis of tax policy, methodology for tax returns preparation and the proper application of tax legislation;
  • Analysis of the compliance of tax reporting with the accounting information;
  • Comparison of tax and financial reporting data;
  • Detailed checking of accounting registers;
  • Analysis of the accounting policy of the enterprise, providing recommendations for its improvement;
  • Analysis of pricing policy, recommendations for its improvement;
  • Analysis of marketing policy, recommendations for its improvement;
  • Check and analysis of source documents;
  • Analysis of detected tax risks and providing recommendations for their elimination.

Audit procedures cover all taxes and fees charged paid by the customer in implementing their business activities.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • accompanying of the tax audit on methods of the Audit Company
  • provision of audit screen (discussion table)
  • clear terms of service as part of the contract
  • presentation of audit documents at a roundtable format
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