Our exclusive methodologies allow both evaluating the level of professional knowledge and skills and defining personal qualities and motives of a specialist.

As a rule, professional evaluation and testing are carried out in the following cases:

  • company restructuring;
  • changes in organizational structures of the accounting or HR functions;
  • annual employee appraisal;
  • talent search;
  • changes of company business strategy etc.

Testing and evaluation are carried out in three separate directions:

  • Testing of professional knowledge (hard skills)– defining the level of professionalism, knowledge of profession-oriented laws and international standards applied within the framework of professional activity, as well as internal regulations and bylaws. The testing of professional knowledge is carried out using three-level tests graded in different complexity groups with due consideration of employment duties.
  • Defining professionally important skills and experiences(soft skills) – a set of psychological tests that allows defining to what extent personal qualities and behavioristic characteristics of an employee correspond to the position held, which qualities of the specialist have positive or negative influence on the activity of both a structural unit and a company as a whole.
  • Interview that allows defining the strengths and weaknesses of an employee, his or her areas of professional and personal growth, true motives, professional goals and aspirations.

Organization and testing procedure consists of several stages:

  • Analysis of internal documents regulating the activity of the structural unit and staffing position of the Customer;
  • Preparation and approval of the Professiogram for each structural unit within a division;
  • Selection and approbation of methodologies for tree testing directions;
  • Development/improvement of individual professional and physiological tests in terms of each Professiogram;
  • Direct implementation of logistic process and testing procedure;

Upon the testing results, a detailed report is made for each tested employee and a list of recommendations regarding the training system improvement, personnel motivation and enhancement of operating efficiency of the company division is submitted.

The potential assessment of employees in structural units provides to the Customer an improvement of business processes efficiency due to the optimization of each employee activity.

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